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We have two fundamental ways that we engage with communities


We’ll only succeed if communities are engaged and positive about the importance of the wildlife which they co-exist with. However, rural communities living alongside wildlife are often the poorest, so a major role of conservation organizations is to work with communities on appropriate poverty alleviation projects. These are called Community Conservation Programmes.

To experience local folklore is to go far beyond music and dance; it means to meet local history, traditions and culture. It is a very enriching experience for all participants and visitors. Keeping in mind that exchange of experiences, cultures and ideas contribute to a more tolerant world and more open to the difference. • Nowadays, dance plays an important role in the modern tourism industry. Today, the craze for dancing creates great opportunities for cultural tourism. And we are just about that. • Gathering together as a group or community to dance together and get a sense of identity and belonging to a locality or cultural group In all of these experiences there is always the pleasure of moving, being together with others, sharing time positively and performing dance that allows you to express yourself; from the sheer pleasure of responding with your body to music to expressing complex feelings and ideas to others through your dance.

You can learn to share and perform a specific dance style or a piece of choreography, gaining a sense of achievement in having learnt it and begun to get more skilled at it, as well as becoming more included and connected as part of a group of people. Community dance promotes health and wellbeing, self-confidence and better connections between you and others.

What distinguishes the best of community dance is that the people who lead it believe that everyone can dance regardless of their age or ability and that everyone can be included and make a contribution – that each individual matters.

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